Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Forms

1Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsForm for Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership Form FiLLiP[zip] (1.68 MB) Form FiLLiP [zip] (1.03 MB)
2Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsDetails in respect of designated partners and partners of Limited Liability Partnership Form Addendum to FiLLiP [zip] (893 KB) Form Addendum to FiLLiP [zip] (600 KB)
3Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsInformation with regard to limited liability partnership agreement and changes, if any, made therein Form 3 [zip] (458 KB) Form 3 [zip] (201 KB)
4Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsNotice of appointment, cessation, change in name/ address/designation of a designated partner or partner. and consent to become a partner/designated partner Form 4 [zip] (723 KB) Form 4 [zip] (671 KB)
5Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsNotice of appointment, cessation, change in particulars of a partners Form 4A [zip] (906 KB) Form 4A [zip] (657 KB)
6Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsNotice for change of name Form 5 [zip] (497 KB) Form 5 [zip] (157KB)
7Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsStatement of Account & Solvency Form 8 [zip] (635 KB) Form 8 [zip] (408 KB)
8Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsAnnual Return of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Form 11 [zip] (255 KB) Form 11 [zip] (234 KB)
9Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsForm for intimating other address for service of documents Form 12 [zip] (214 KB) Form 12 [zip] (193 KB)
10Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsNotice for change of place of registered office Form 15 [zip] (277 KB) Form 15 [zip] (257 KB)
11Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsApplication and statement for conversion of a firm into Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Form 17 [zip] (724 KB) Form 17 [zip] (258 KB)
12Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsApplication and Statement for conversion of a private company/ unlisted public company into limited liability partnership (LLP) Form 18 [zip] (602KB) Form 18 [zip] (193 KB)
13Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsNotice of intimation of Order of Court/ Tribunal/CLB/ Central Government to the Registrar Form 22 [zip] (187 KB) Form 22 [zip] (159 KB)
14Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsApplication for direction to Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to change its name to the Registrar Form 23 [zip] (244 KB) Form 23 [zip] (223 KB)
15Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsApplication to the Registrar for striking off name Form 24 [zip] (161 KB) Form 24 [zip] (140 KB)
16Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsApplication for reservation/ renewal of name by a Foreign Limited Liability Partnership (FLLP) or Foreign Company Form 25 [zip] (205 KB) Form 25 [zip] (185 KB)
17Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsForm for registration of particulars by Foreign Limited Liability Partnership (FLLP) Form 27 [zip] (313 KB) Form 27 [zip] (281 KB)
18Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsReturn of alteration in the incorporation document or other instrument constituting or defining the constitution; or the registered or principal office; or the partner or designated partner of limited liability partnership incorporated or registered outsi Form 28 [zip] (133 KB) Form 28 [zip] (113 KB)
19Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsNotice of (A) alteration in the certificate of incorporation or registration; (B) alteration in names and addresses of any of the persons authorised to accept service on behalf of a foreign limited liability partnership (FLLP) (C) alteration in the princi Form 29 [zip] (291 KB) Form 29 [zip] (269 KB)
20Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsApplication for compounding of an offence under the Act Form 31 [zip] (248 KB) Form 31 [zip] (224 KB)
21Limited liability partnership (LLP) formsForm for filing addendum for rectification of defects or incompleteness Form 32 [zip] (197 KB) Form 32 [zip] (173 KB)
22Firm Conversion FormForm for intimating to Registrar of Firms about conversion of the firm into limited liability partnership (LLP). Form 14 [zip] (61 KB)
23DIN FormsApplication for allotment of Director Identification Number Form DIR-3 [zip] (664 KB) Form DIR-3 [zip] (230 KB)
24DIN FormsIntimation of change in particulars of Director to be given to the Central Government Form DIR-6 [zip] (782 KB) Form DIR-6 [zip] (265 KB)

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